Gamily Studios
Based in France


Early Access release date:
2 January, 2018

Full Version release date:
9 November, 2018

- HTC Vive
- Oculus Rift
- Windows Mixed Reality
- PSVR (2019)
- Oculus Quest (2019)
Available on Steam

Game engine:
Unreal Engine 4

Regular Price:
USD $11.99
EUR €9.99
CAD $13.49
GBP £9.99


VR Furballs - Demolition is a VR physics-based demolition puzzle game. It stars cute furry creatures called Furballs in a colorful and cartoony virtual world. Go through the 5 environments to finish the 54 levels of the game. Deliver new Furballs with new special abilities. Unlock various weapons, accessories and mini-games. Build your own Levels in the Level Editor.


  • Unreal Engine 4 physics engine based demolition
  • 54 unique Levels
  • 9 playable Furballs with their special abilities
  • 6 Weapons
  • 6 Accessories
  • 6 Mini-games
  • Take Photos and Selfies in 5 colorful Environments
  • Toggle the Bullet time for a few seconds
  • Play as a Giant or Tiny Furball
  • Build your own levels in the Level Editor
  • Per Mini-game/Level and per Weapon Achievements and Leaderboards (400+)
  • 4+ hours gameplay

More details and a FREE DEMO are availableon the game Steam page:


The making of

VR Furballs - Demolition was developed from the ground up for Virtual Reality. It is powered by Unreal Engine 4. It is the fruits of the labor of one passionate video game developer, who, during almost two years, went through the concept, design, programming, modeling, animating, audio design, visual effects, polishing, debugging, tweaking, balancing, level building and now marketing phases (almost) all by himself.

The birth of the Furballs

VR Furballs - Demolition is the first title of Gamily Studios. For this first game, a lot of decisions had to be made. Virtual Reality was a quick one, as I'm convinced that it is the future of gaming. Mobile VR platforms are really hard to work with and very limited by their power, so it had to be a PC VR game. Then it was about defining what the game would be. To not take too much risk, it had to be something that made its proof on other platforms. Something that people would be familiar with. Something that could also be fun in VR (without making people sick). And something that wasn't already done, or being done in VR. It was time for VR to get its physics-based demolition puzzle game! Finally, it needed lovable characters. When this ad about a fur technology showed up, that was it. The Furballs were already demolishing around in my imagination!

From the Concept to the Game

VR Furballs - Demolition took 10 months to go from a concept to a high quality game, plus another 10 months to its full release. It started with the core gameplay prototype. You could pile up geometric shapes and throw a ball on them to break them and make them fly around. Then came the landscape and the fur. The landscape and most of the 3D models come from a template that Epic Games gives for free to help indie game developers. It has been modified to fit the need of variety in the game. The fur technology comes from a third-party company that licenses its technology to other game developers. Applied on a ball and matched with a cute pair of eyes, it becomes soooo KAWAII! Doesn't it? Then those cute Furballs needed to feel more lively. So they learned how to look around, blink, jump, node, shake, sneeze. They also started to make noises. Then there was the Furballs special abilities, the weapons, the accessories, the destructible blocks and other special blocks that you can find in the levels. The Level Editor came early as well, because from the beginning, the plan was to give the players access to the same Level Editor we would use to create all the levels of the game. The mini-games are here to add some more variety to the gameplay. They had to be quick and easy to play, so you could show them off to your friends or family to introduce them to VR. Oh and did I talk about the bullet time and the scaling mushrooms? Isn't it fun to slow down time, or to be giant or tiny? Then there was the tutorials, the achievements, leaderboards and other Steam features. So much to do. Adding all these features took about 7 months. Getting all right, smooth and pretty to the eyes and ears took the rest of the time. I really hope you appreciate the result!


Launch Trailer YouTube

Early Access Trailer YouTube


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About Gamily Studios

Gamily Studios is an independent video game studio based in France. It is developing its own games as well as working for other game companies as contractor. Gamily Studios is expert in Unreal Engine 4 video game development. It is fully equiped to work on PC games and VR games (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR and Gear VR).

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VR Furballs - Demolition Credits

Steeve Kilhoffer
Programmer / Game designer / 2D and 3D artist / Animator / Sound designer / Voice actor / Level designer / QA / Producer / Marketing and PR

Li Zhang
Voice actress / Level designer / QA

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