Gamily Studios
Based in France

Founding date:
February 2017



VR Furballs - Demolition


Gamily Studios is an independent video game studio based in France. It is developing its own games as well as working for other game companies as contractor. Gamily Studios is expert in Unreal Engine 4 video game development. It is fully equiped to work on PC games and VR games (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR and Gear VR).


The start of a new adventure

Gamily Studios was funded in February 2017 by one passionate French video game developer. After 8 years working for big game companies (Ubisoft, 2K Games and CCP Games), he decided to launch his own studio to develop his own games. During all these years, he had learnt all the secrets of video game development. He worked on famous franchises like Raving Rabbids, Just Dance, Ghost Recon and XCOM. He was Tech lead on CCP Games first Gear VR title: EVE Gunjack, one of the first high quality titles of the platform. He knew he had all the cards to start his own adventure. It was time. Gamily Studios was born.

The first year

A powerful computer, an HTC Vive, a dining room transformed into an office, and Gamily Studios was ready to roll. A few days later, "VR Furballs - Demolition", Gamily Studios first title, was already playable. You could throw a giant sphere on giant cubes piled up on an empty plane and make them fall. That was the easy part. Now it was just about turning this into a fun and high quality VR game. In the end, it took almost a year. Developing a video game from scratch requires so many skills and expertise. At the same time, Gamily Studios started to help other game studios working on Unreal Engine 4 PC games. Busy time! Click on the link below for the rest of the story...




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